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AFTER A NUMBER OF YEARS AWAY FROM THE RECORDING SCENE, ARCHIE MILLER IS BACK WITH A NEW ALBUM, a new attitude, and a deeper understanding of who he is as a man, as a father and as an indi- vidual. Appropiately titled Now and Then, this album represents twenty years of sweat and sometimes tears, twenty years of soul-searching, twenty years of striving for artistic excellence and a lifetime commitment to the advancement of Bajan culture, which began with his acoustic guitar and his innate love of folk songs.

It is a remarkable treasury of songs recorded in the spring of Archie Miller's career starting with the classic "Rum Shop Anthem" with its revolutionary use of violins, followed by the effervescent hit "Soca Rock" with its provocative horn riffs, culminating in the present with the deeply introspective and cautionary "My Story" and the raucous paean to the Bajan tuk-band, "More Tuk." But no less than entertaining and insightful are the songs in the intervening years, "Hold It", Left Right Center", "Sweet Barbados", and others.

Listening to this CD brought back many memories for me, as I'm sure it will too for all of you who've enjoyed his music and his energetic perform- ances over the years. But this album is not just a return to business as usual. It is a testimony of inner growth and personal triumph over demons that Archie is no longer afraid to confront, as he sings in My Story, "one day at a time." With the support of family and friends, includ- ing his new manager, Carolann Scantlebury, whose guidance and keen ear helped to shape the structure of this album, Archie Miller will no doubt provide us with many more resasons to cheer his return.


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